Monday, 14 March 2016

What is 2.5D Animation?

When you think animation you most assuredly mean 2D.
This kind of animation depicts 2-d space (hence name). This space is drawn using line art on a flat background. Depth is only thought of - when various objects are located next to each other. Perspective might work as well so shadows.
3 D animation is a whole another story
That happens in 3 dimension space. Figures, objects et al. move on 3 axes (remember, 2D uses 2 axes only. There can be 3rd axe if you change size or motion for a particular object. But this third axe is only implied in 2D world).
Having this cleared, can there really be a half point between  2D and 3D?
The answer is yes.
Picture yourself a 2D animation in 3D world. You’d get a 
Sometimes this involves actually moving 2D-animated objects in a 3D space; sometimes it involves using clever tricks of perspective and shadow to make 2D space look like 3D space, although you're still working on a 2D plane.

A nice example of 2.5D animation is Feel Good, Inc by Gorillaz.
This is done (among all other applied techniques) by layering, morphing, perspective animation et al.
A famous Family Guy series use 3D objects in 2D space.

2.5D effect can be accomplished by adding shadows to 2D. Shadow we are talking about is the one the object casts on other figures/objects. 
If you place a 2D object on a white background you result in a flat object somewhat of 2 dimensions.  A shadow stretched in a distance on paper makes this 2D object in a 3D world. A perspective adds a finishing touch and extra depth.

Actually it is possible to create 2.5D effects in so 2D as 3D (Flash might be a fine example). A fake perspective is created and then animated. Shadows can be created by objects/figures greyed out and arranged at a proper order. Perspective tools are used to stretch the shapes.
A 3D software piece makes it possible to place 2D object on a transparent polygon, animate them and reposition. To create shadow a lighting tool is used. 

2.5D animation is more ubiquitous that you might think.
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