Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Top 20 infographics

When we speak infographics  we don’t mean static. If you look around carefully you would notice quite a bit of really good examples with great content but they are got lost. Why? Because the users are not attracted. To change it all for good a designer might consider animated infographics. Almost certainly the future of infographics lays in interaction and HTML5. Animated infographics  elevate users engagement. Else the viewers would not pay attention to some particularly dull topics. We have collected 20 infographics you can get inspired from. Animated and interactive infographics, especially those designed using HTML5, are quite possibly the future of infographics. Animated infographics engage with viewers better and can help add interest to topics that might otherwise come across as mundane.

Social Media Complete History

This is the infographic using Flash technology.

5 Tech Giants that like acquisitions

This one is interactive. It represents the sortable acquisitions timeline. This is how the top tech world giants worked over the last 15 years.

Ready for HTML5 & CSS3

This infographic is also interactive. It shows how and when HTML5 and CSS3 appeared in all web-browsers

The evolution of WWW

This is the SVG-powered infographic. It shows so tech and browser progress as the WWW itself.

Business using HTML5

How SMB use technology to boost productivity. An interactive one as well.

Car engine

This is an animated infographic showing how the car engine operates. Details in full, uses HTML5. 

Flat panel display: how it works

This is an animated HTML5-operated infographics for those enquiring how such display really operates. Very informative.

Insight: An evolution

Through this interactive infographic you can learn market research timeline (starting from 1900s up to XXI c.).

Human brain needs Infographics: 13 reasons

Why that happens can be seen via that lovely animated infographic.

Top data breaches

Do you want major data breaches (since 2004?) visualized? Head-on for thatinfographic.

Inception explained

What happened in the movie ‘Inception’? Advise with this animated infographic. A minimalist one yet working.

Interactive flights

Address that interactive infographic if you are an aviation fan. Check out the interactive tracking map for all flights in real time and the commercial flight historical timeline.

007: A driver’s license

Do you like James Bond? Indulge yourself in animated, drawn and designed info-graphic charts. You will see all of 007 cars:  from the Sunbeam Alpine in ‘Dr. No’ up to the Land Rover Defender in ‘Skyfall’.

Browser evolution

Are you interested in tech? Check this animated infographic for a proof that any web-page should be tested on any available, browser. screen resolution, OS.

Google Search explained

Ever wondered how Google search works? Starting from indexing and crawling unto spam filtering?Look through this interactive infographic.

Dribble: why?

HTML5 explanatory interactive animation explains that service and the used terms.

Game Console Evolution

Video Game Console history has long required such vector-graphic interactive chart.

Social collaboration evolution

A quick look at social collaboration evolution (from 1960s till now) is given in this interactive infographic.

Security threats in retail

Never thought the hackers might try to access the network from a retail store? Well, they can. Check this for animated and interactive infographic showing all retail store «blind spots».

Console Game Journeys: 8 examples

Console gaming cam provide quite a treat when it comes to a journey experience. You can verify that in this info graphic that is infographic that is HTML5-based. Please make sure that the mentioned examples can serve as a real inspiration source so for you as your business. Still unsure?

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