Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Startupper guide: 12 explainer video types

OK, you have a project and/or a startup but you don’t have an explainer video. You are stuck and not sure which one will simply work? You can act budget-based or idea-based.

And we are here to let you know the difference between different video types.

Head-on, folks!

  1. 2D animation
  2. 2.5D Animation
  3. 3D Animation
  4. Live Action
  5. Whiteboard
  6. Typography
  7. ScreenCast
  8. Stop Motion
  9. Infographic
  10. IOs Applications
  11. Music -Only
  12. Testimonial

2D Animation

     Any new startup might pick up this one. No top-budget. Difficulty level - very low. Very famous. Very world-spread

2.5D Animation

To do so the studio combines  2D images and 3D objects so that the video feels more appealing.
There is a difference between 2.5D and 2D so in time as in funds (2.5 costs more so to say).

3D Animation

3D takes even more time and requires extra funds. As to the result - it stands out from 2D. Even in the eyes of a lamer.

Live Action

To make this one would need real persons and live shooting. Period. Though a few more things are required:
  • actors
  • crew
  • editing
  • production

Not mush funding required. 
The product can look like TV ad.


Startups simply love it. It goes like this - you place some images in a sequence on a whiteboard. Add matching voice over (explaining the idea). Here you are!

Kinetic Typography

Words are made for speaking, right? If you share some text in a sequence by means of typography you can unbound your creativity. And suffice to say - you involve quite an audience.

Animated Screencast

Anyone can do. Simple. Easy. You can try on your own.


This needs to be done by pros only. The process is quite costly and quite tough. Involves some real video equipment, real objects, step-by-step screens.


You need to attract the audience, right? If you absolutely need a list of figures, financial facts, data, etc - go for Infographic. You can melange text, images, stats, data to make your video a pure treat.

iOs Applications

You do a video to be placed in a video widget. Best match for a tech or mobile startup.

Music Only

      Very akin to Typography and Infographic. Images and text go along with the music to explain your concept.


Probably this explainer video type is the oldest yet the best one. You would need a nice and charming male/female explaining your startup idea/concept.
You can try that yourself. Some camera and real world figure might do the trick

PrimeCut can take any of the above-mentioned explainer video types and provide a product to boost your startup.

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