Friday, 18 March 2016

Reasons to choose live action or animation

Normally, "live action" can be understood as a narrative film (not documentary), with no animation whatsoever.

A lot of people face a real problem when making an explainer video: what to choose? Animation or live action?
You have to pay attention to 3 main points when choosing.


Best practices/behavior go well with live action. It’s easy to watch a real person doing something. The same appeals to body language.
A concept should appear better in animation. You can explain an idea via animation better than in real time. How do you explain DNA in live-action?


Choose live when showing actual people/existing product. Context always helps.
Animation should be chosen to visualize something difficult, complex. 
For example, a new software piece can be detailed with graphics/images/illustrations.


Choose animation for frequent updates, live action for a done deal.
Simply because it’s cheaper.

Don’t try to save much when doing an explainer video. Low budget will not necessary have the needed immediate effect.

In any case leave the final decision to the professionals. They will recommend good, better and the best options meeting so your needs as your budget.

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