Thursday, 10 March 2016

Live action vs. animation

Most explainer videos are made n simple animation (i.e. 2D). Why so? Plain and simple! If you are bootstrapped startup you ain’t got much funds. And simple animation (2D) is simply cheaper. Plus you can place your order even on a freelance marketplace.
When making a decision you are considering ROI (return of investment) spent in creating a video as well.
Let’s consider live action vid (in place of 2D).
You would need 5 actors plus and that might be costly.
Which video would convert better?
Chances are, an animated one. Plus it would turn out cheaper. The ROI would be much better.
Let’s consider other issues when deciding which one is more appropriate?
live action or animation? 

1)   How can you make people understand/ get inclined to the project?

Well, that depends on your product. If you sell blue denim you would need to show real people in real blue denim.
Let’s make it more difficult. Do you think all your viewers have a Master Degree in Computer Science? Hope, not. So don’t try to apply live action techniques to explain your tech project.
The more complex the information the more friendly it can be by means of animation. 
If the content is too abstract use animation to give understandable images.
Every time you don’t have screenshots (i.e. for your app) you may apply animation.

2)   Creative language may be used differently 
One thing is metaphors and fun to attract attention (the tip of the iceberg, the camel back broken be a straw).
Quite another story is «filming» the real iceberg/camel etc. 
Some projects might require it. Others play animation card really well.

3)   Can you really find an actor appealing to all types of your audience (for a live action video)?

There are too many questions with live action videos. 
Too much to worry about. Starting from sex/age/race/looks of a person to whereabouts. 
Some messages require that difficulty some need to dat simple and clear.
If your project idea involves different personas - consider drawing them. Unless you absolutely require bazillion different people of various creed/age etc. 

4)  Is action needed? To what extent? Is it feasible to set?
Complicated motions/action requiring a lot of people most certainly call for live action. 
Consider for instance a disco with dancers or a fight. Easier to shoot live, eh? Animation cost might go bananas on that stuff.

5)  Will your vid be translated?
Do you need a multiple language dub for your vid? If so - animation is much better. Animated lip syncing makes it simpler. Timing can also be accustomed.

6)   The choice is not «pick this or that»
Animation can be combined with live action at not much extra cost. Cartoon viewers can be watching “real” TV. Custom animation is almost limitless when it comes to possibilities. Even blue jeans can be sold differently. 

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