Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Explainer Video - what is it

When and only you take pride in your project you should process an explainer’s video.  You are so sure, proud and top over the heels with what you do that all the people that would see your video should be immersed and become a huge fan. They should..
But the thing is: the viewer doesn’t pay attention on how your divine little product operates. Most assuredly they never mind your product as a whole. Come on, you’re a startup. They never heard of you.  One thing anyone ever cares about is themselves.

The first crucial point.
Your video IS NOT about your product. It SHOULD focus on those WHO USE  your product.  


First things first. Who is the audience of your video? Real people. Bearing real burdens. Having their likes, dislikes, feelings etc. They are not metal un animated objects. Appeal to that. Refer to the things they know. Things that exist.
Remember the iTranslate case. It is an application. It takes your speech as an input, translates it into a particular language and performs a voice-over. Your vis-a-vis understands you regardless their language or race. Cool, eh?  But that required quite a job..

Figure that out: 
  • speech recognition, 
  • semantic analysis (words, idioms, whatever), 
  • translation, 
  • speech synthesis.

Add it up to a nice little interface. 
This would involve years of qualified experts time.
Did they use it for their explainer’s video?  No. And no again. Their video showed a stranger in a foreign city easily breaking language border. Only. With the help. Of one tiny app!
They didn’t say a word about the product.
They made it all real and close to reality. And boy, you bet that worked!


Indeed. Sometimes an idea requires a bit of extra clarification. 
Does AirbnB ring a bell? 
This service allows you to stay at other people’s homes for a period of time on a settled fee. One hearing the notion might be very concerned. How can one stay in other person’s house? Is it OK? Are we safe? 
AirbnB was to ease all these.  But luckily they didn’t dig deep into the details. They delivered one short message - the service is simple to engage and safe (in material and psychological terms).

The thing is: be brief. Don’t sink into all «great» details, explaining them down to the last comma. This WILL NOT DRIVE your potential clients. 

Don’t waste your viewer’s time. They are busy and you’re too. Be respectful to them. Make your video as simple and down to the ground as can be. All those little details may mean the world to you. Not for them!

And the final point: you are not interesting, your product is not interesting. Only your customers (viewers) are interesting to themselves. Make your video about one and only thing that matters to your audience. Themselves.

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