Thursday, 25 February 2016

What your explainer video is about

You are not sure what to say in your first video? What would you say to a friend? How you’d describe it? Figure out their probable questions. You want to make them believe you are serious, ready, capable of something great? How do you do that?

Here’s a quick list of questions that might help:

  • Who are you? 
Briefly introduce yourself and the team
  • What are you? 
Describe your background (give your job examples (if applicable))
  • Tell your plans.  
Provide all the details. The more - the better. Use any samples, images, drawings, working prototypes. Involve your backers. Share your excitement.
  • Describe your project roots. 
Where you for the spark and the idea? How far have you advanced? The project story is needed for the viewers to understand you and your goals. And, of course, how you go get along it.
  • The viewers expect a clear schedule and plan. 
They need to know when and what to expect. A timeline always involves the audience and helps the understanding.
  • Be transparent about the funds. 
What’s the budget? The people should know that you have a workable plan. Make the viewers trust you. What’s your budget? A simple breakdown lets people know you’ve thought things through and have a workable plan, so they can trust you to use funds wisely.
  • Why care? 
Share your passion? Tell the people about your project commitment

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