Thursday, 25 February 2016

How to get ready for an interview

Describe your project/idea to a friend

Struggling to understand what to tell about in your first video? Picture explaining your project to a friend. What to say? What might they ask you? How to make them believe you’re serious, prepared, and capable of doing something great?

Here’s a quick list of questions that might help:

  • Who are you? (Make a personal introduction - Introduce yourself, your team. Describe any similar finished projects (examples always help)
  • Describe your idea. The more details, the better (but don’t overflow the details). Use whatever sketches, samples, prototypes you’ve got. These are needed to rise your backers and share your excitement.
  • Where did your idea/project come from? 
  • Explain how you came up with the idea? What problem are you solving? How much were you able to accomplish? 
  • History helps your audience understand you and your job.
  • Why is your project unique? What is the difference with the same projects? 
  • Is there any plan? Do you have  a schedule? A timeline should be clear so that the backers know what to expect.
  • What’s your budget/the total project cost? If you transparent the people get the idea and that you know what to do and that you can spend funds reasonably and wisely.
  • Why care? Why are you passionate? Why are you committed?


  • Track your speech timing (not more than 1-2 minutes)
  • Record your speech with a voice-recorder
  • Your viewer should ask questions. Write them down, provide the answers. You gave no right to miss any single detail.
  • Ask your viewer to retell your presentation. So that you know if the key ide is delivered
  • Listen to your speech again and edit it. Make it short and interesting.


Repeat your speech aloud. A few times. Try to remember a whole paragraph. Difficult parts should be rephrased. Simplicity is the key. Repeat in front of the mirror. Watch out the gestures, the body language. Retell the whole text  using tips only. Don’t step away from the text. Record your text using a voice recorder and listen to it. If you like the recording you are ready for your first interview.

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