Thursday, 25 February 2016

How to create your first explainers video

Each project at a certain stage is ready for the world.
Lately, some resources made video obligatory (e.g. Kickstarter).

If you are ready to make you first explainer’s video we have some tips and tricks. You might find them useful.

  1. You can begin with a company logo or some relevant image
  2. Start with your video content. Make it easy. Screengrabs or a simple interview will do. why are you doing this? To introduce yourself. To let your viewers see what you are doing. Like through the keyhole. Don’t try so hard making it stylish or cool. It should be simple. And explananatory.
  3. Any helping text (subtitles, captions) help. It is here to get to the people. To make them understand you and embrace your project. To make them a part of your project (they may have some difficulties or disabilities. So what?).
  4. Think outside of the box. Transfer positive vibes. Don’t afraid to be funny.

Doing your first video try to avoid some most typical mistakes. This how-not-to-do-video can help.

Are you camera-shy? Just a bit? 

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Your first video task is just its presence! You’d better apply a professional team and equipment. Check this for a professional interview filming approach: - It's not expensive, trust us!

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After your first video you may consider something of a better quality.

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